Big Featured Image In Event Detail

The Operating Principle Of The Single Event Page With Layout To Be A Big Featured Image

The operating principle of the single event page with Layout to be a Big Featured Image as follows:

– The Text in the Excerpt will be shown on the Header ‘s title.

– In the left sidebar, if the Product exists, the descriptions of Product will be displayed. And if the Product does not exist, the content from the main content of the post will be automatically retrieved

– In this case, if you do not want to display the main contents of the post in the left sidebar, you can edit the code to change the type of display with the content in the Excerpt function by going to wp-contentthemesuniversityu-eventsingle-event-meta.php and find the line 16 having the code segment below

Then, remove the code

&& $layout_event!=’feature-image’

After that, go to Theme Options > General > Custom CSS and put this code segment below, save to hide Description on Header image

.single-u_event .event-header-image p.description {
display: none;