19. Compare Table

This shortcode help users to easily express the highlighted contents of the products accompanied by corresponding price of those products
Used with the structure as follows

The [comparetable] shortcode has the following variables/options:
  1. [comparetable]
    • class (text) – Custom CSS class
    • id (text) – Custom ID. If it is not provided, random ID will be generated
    • color (hexa color) – Main color of compare table
  2. [c_column]
    • class (text) – Custom CSS class. Use “recommended” class to turn this column into special one
    • column (number) – Number of columns in this compare table. It should match number of [c-columns] shortcode within [comparetable]
    • color (hexa color) – Text color of column
    • bg_color (hexa color) – Background color of column
    • title (text) – Title of column
    • recommended_text (text) – Text that appears in a recommended column
  3. [price]
    • price (number) – Price value. Can be text (ex: FREE)
    • price_text (text) – Additional text after price value, ex: “per MONTH”
    • currency (text) – Currency symbol, ex: “$”