22. Members Shortcode

To list all members




The Code

[member ids="" col="" link="" department="" count="" order="" orderby="" meta_key=""]


  • ids – int/string – List of member IDs, separated by a comma
  • col – int – Size of each item. Possible values are from 1 to 12. Make sure the total values of all items in one row is 12
  • link – select – Set to “no” if you don’t want to put link (to the single member page) on each item, or leave it empty
  • department – string – (optional) List of IDs or Slugs of U-Department, separated by a comma. It is used to query members in a department
  • count – int – number of items to display
  • order – ASC/DESC – order items ascending or descending
  • orderby – select – condition to order items. Please check httpss://codex.wordpress.org/Class_Reference/WP_Query for a list of orderby values
  • meta_key – string – if orderby is meta_value or meta_value_num, this parameter specifies the name of the meta data