10. Dropcaps

Dropcaps creates uppercase for the beginning of the line. “Drop cap” is one of the commonly used typography in the magazine on paper as well as electronic magazine.

It is often used at the beginning of each article with large font and highlighted color

Go to Pages > Add New > Click Shortcode icon shortcode_mini on formatting toolbar > Choose Dropcap
Dropcap shortcode is defined as follows

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]ropcap with the first letter

  • [dropcap] & [/dropcap] is a start & end tag
  • Dropcap text here: Enter the characters which you want to create large letter at the beginning of the line
Note: You can enter one piece of text then highlight piece of text you want to have large letter at the beginning of the line or highlight the first character of the later line and then click on the icon “Dropcap”. It will automatically generate start and end tags of Dropcap