6. Button

[ct_button link="" icon="" target="" size="" solid="" has_arrow="" color="" css_animation=""]enter button text here[/ct_button]

The [ct_button] shortcode has the following variables/options:
  1. link– Enter URL of link
  2. icon (optional) – Name of FontAwesome icon (without “fa-”)
  3. target – Open link in New Tab or Curent Tab
  4. size (optional) – Default value “small”
    • small
    • big
  5. solid (optional) – Default value “0/false” – Solid background or not
    • 0/false
    • 1/true: Border and background color have same color
  6. has_arrow (optional) – Default value “1/true”
    • 1/true
    • 0/false
  7. color (optional) – Only works with solid button (default theme color)
  8. css_animation – Select types of animation for element to be animated when it “enters” the browsers viewport (Note: works only in modern browsers), with options: top-to-bottom, bottom-to-top, left-to-right, right-to-left, appear-from-center