1. Enable Search: Enable or disable default search form in every pages
  2. SEO – Echo Meta Tags: By default, University generates its own SEO meta tags (for example: Facebook Meta Tags). If you are using another SEO plugin like YOAST or a Facebook plugin, you can turn off this option
  3. Copyright Text: Appear in footer
  4. RTL Mode: Support right-to-left language
  5. Custom CSS: Enter custom CSS. Ex: .class{ font-size: 13px; }
  6. Custom Code: Enter custom code or JS code here. For example, enter Google Analyti
  7. Logo Image: Upload your logo image
  8. Retina Logo (optional): Retina logo should be two time bigger than the custom logo. Retina Logo is optional, use this setting if you want to strictly support retina devices.
  9. Login Logo Image: Upload your Admin Login logo image
  10. Scroll Top button: Enable Scroll Top button (when clicking “Top”, it will scroll site which is at the bottom of page to top of the page)
    Scroll_Top_ button
  11. Pre-loading Effect: Enable Pre-loading Effect. You can choose
    • Enable
    • Disable
    • Enable for Homepage Only
  12. Pre-loading Background Color: Choose background color.
  13. Pre-loading Spinners Color: Choose Pre-loading Spinners color.
  14. DateTime format for shortcode: DateTime format for items in shortcode.
  15. Enable Smooth Scroll Effect: Turn On/Off Smooth Scroll Effect.