Create A Course

  1. Go to U-Course > Add New Course
  2. Enter course title, description and other information
      • Layout settings
        Sidebar Select “Default” to use settings in U-Course Settings page. If you do not choose “Default”, page will be formatted with “Left” sidebar , “Right” sidebar or no sidebar (“Hidden“)
        Content padding Enable default top and bottom margin
      • Course information
        Start Date Course start date
        Course ID Course’s ID. It should be unique
        Product Select a WooCommerce product to sell this course. It requires WooCommerce plugin to be installed and there are some products to choose. See WooCommerce section to learn more about creating products.
        Address Location Address of course
        Duration Course duration information. For example: one week, two weeks
        Speakers Choose from members. It requires U-Member plugin to be installed and there are some members to choose. See U-Member plugin to learn more about managing members
        Credit Enter the number of credits need to learn in the registration course
        Subscribe URL Create a link to a subscribe form. If it is empty, button is invisible
        Subscribe Button Text Text that appears on the subscribe button
        Download Button URL Enter URL which allows user to download course’s document, If it is empty, button is invisible
        Download Button Text The name of button “download” (Text that appears on download button)
        Call to Action Text that appears before Subscribe Button
      • Excerpt: The brief introduction about course


  3. U-Course supports categories (U-Course Categories)