Create A Product

  1. Go to Product > Add Product
  2. Enter Product’s title, description and other information
    • Layout settings
      Sidebar Select “Default” to use settings in Theme Options page. If you do not choose “Default”, page will be formatted with “Left” sidebar , “Right” sidebar or no sidebar (“Hidden“)
      Content padding Enable default top and bottom padding for content (30px)
    • Product Data
      Manage and configure Product. When the product is added, let’s specify carefully types of product needing to be added here. There are two options to add the product
        • Simple product: the type of Simple product covers the vast majority of any products you may sell. Simple products are shipped and have no options. For settings in General:
          • SKU – Used to track products. Must be unique and should be named so it does not clash with post ID’s.
          • Price:
            • Regular Price – The item’s main price.
            • Sale Price – The item’s sale price.


      • Variable product: Is the product that has different variations in each SKU (code). For example: a tshirt available in several different colors and/or sizes. Just need to set in:
          • Attributes: Enter name Product and Value(s), then Save attributes


          • Variations: After product is created in Attributes, then enter price for Values you have created in Attributes here


For more details, please visit here: httpss://

And you can see two samples of course and event that are added the products.

Course (Simple product)

Event (Variable product)