U-Course Settings Page

Go to U-Course Settings from menu in the left

  1. General
      • Courses slug: Change course’s slug. Remember to save the permalink settings again in Settings > Permalinks. By default, a course will have URL like this https://yourdomain.com/course/a-single-course-slug. If you enter program here, URL of course will be like thishttps://yourdomain.com/program/a-single-course-slug.In addition, the courses listing page will be https://yourdomain.com/program instead of https://yourdomain.com/course
      • Course Categories Slug: Change course categories slug. Remember to save the permalink settings again in Settings > Permalinks
      • Posts Per Page: Number of courses per page (in Courses Listing page). If not set, it is the value set in Settings > Reading > Blog pages show at most
      • Filter bar: Enable filter bar
      • Course Listing Order: Select one of three options for sorting according
        • Upcoming: Course listing order by upcoming
        • Start Date: Course listing order by start date (DESC)
        • Modified Date: Course listing order by modified date(DESC)
      • Course Listing Order Bar: Enable course listing order bar
      • Show Price: Show Price of Course listing
  2. Single Course
    • Sidebar: Choose default layout for Single Course pages (Right, Left or Hidden-FullWidth). This setting can be overridden in each course
    • Related Courses > Number of items: Enter number of Courses displayed in the Related Courses section (in a Single Course page)